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aksarben collab // eat fit go + hello ruby

Hello Ruby

HI! We have some exciting news! Do you frequent Eat Fit Go and/or hello ruby?

We have partnered both of our Aksarben locations to benefit YOU. It's easy, bring in your receipt to hello ruby from Eat Fit Go and receive 10% off and vice versa! This is going on through the entire month of December! HIP HIP...HOORAY. Keep scrolling to see my fav meals.

PS: check our Instagram for a $50 gift card giveaway 

 I casually hang out at Eat Fit Go // but really, they deliver to anyone in the Village which makes it my go to place.

 I casually hang out at Eat Fit Go // but really, they deliver to anyone in the Village which makes it my go to place.

I tend to smile at food // my fav {bai} is watermelon

I tend to smile at food // my fav {bai} is watermelon

salmon alfredo is the bomb // so is this sweater lolz

salmon alfredo is the bomb // so is this sweater lolz

eat fit go + hello ruby like lamb and tunafeesh

eat fit go + hello ruby like lamb and tunafeesh

my favs for cyber monday at hello ruby

Hello Ruby

Good afternoon everyone! I hope you had an amazing weekend with a fun turkey day and got some deals! Thanks to everyone who stopped in the store front this weekend! I wanted to share some of my favorite items for cyber monday here at hello ruby. Ok, I have a lot of favs but these are like top top top top! XO

Don't forget, we're offering 20% and free shipping to the first 100 orders {we are at #28 or so as of right now, you still have some time}. Well, 20% to the normal folk out there.

HOWEVER, for our VIPs that are following us on social accounts and on our email list, we are offering 30% off EVERY SINGLE ITEM. Holy!!!

So to sum up:

-30% off

-FREE gift

-FREE shipping


OK GREAT. Mention this in-store today and we can honor it as well! SO NOW FOR MY FAVS:


who doesn't need a large faux fur?

from $88 to $61

my fav becausethe name is ruby red, duh

from $52 to $36

palazzo pants are er'thing

from $40 to $28

faux fur cozy // blush or grey, HEY

from $52 to $36

thanksgiving reflections

Hello Ruby

Starting a business has been INSANE. I started hello ruby LLC last August and launched this year in April. The spring, summer and fall went by so quickly. It's crazy to see how the business has changed in that little of time. I never thought I would be doing a storefront for the holidays, but it's been a great learning experience! The best part of owning your own business if showing love for what you support and what you {and the business} stand for.



I wanted to talk about giving thanks to you, my #1 customHERS, as our first year wraps up. I also wanted to share the good causes we were able to support this year because of YOU. 

With your help, we were able to donate and contribute to the following charities/causes:

American Cancer Society

Sunshine Kids

Marian High School

Ronald McDonald House

Junior League of Omaha

The Humble Lily / Bethlehem House


The Stephen's Center

WOW! Thank you! 

As you sit down to your Thanksgiving meal {or 2nd or 3rd for the day -haha}, I encourage you to think about contributing in ANY way, shape or form to something that means a lot to you. Whether that means monetary or donating your time and volunteering! In 2018, I would like to focus on cancer related causes {BECAUSE F*CK CANCER - my family has been affected more than once: see previous post here} and Cystic Fibrous {my great friend Chad passed away + he was such an inspiration to me -- we will be focusing our February Valentine's Tour on CF donations and supporting that cause in memory of Chad}.

What are your fav. causes to support?? Is there one you love or one you want us to focus on??

Gobble gobble,



black friday // small business saturday // whatchamacallit sunday // cyber monday // giving tuesday

Hello Ruby

hello deals.

spend some time with us at hello ruby. we know there are so many places to go + deals to be had, but we'd love to see you this weekend!!

black friday: {9-6}
small business saturday: {9-6}
sunday {12-4}
cyber monday {10-6}
giving tuesday {10-7}

🖤black friday: 
doorbuster **FREE** beanie with any purchase over $50 to the first 20 purchases
9am-6pm 20% off all purchases
2pm-6pm image entertainment /dj xavier will be spinning beats 📀🎚

🏢small business saturday:
doorbuster **FREE** earrings with any purchase over $50 to the first 20 purchases
9am-6pm 20% off all purchases

🙏🏽whatchamacallit sunday:
15% off your entire purchase + receive $10 bucks back for every $100 to use on our valentine's day tour

💻cyber monday: 
**FREE** shipping to the first 100 orders and 20% off sitewide with code ‘HOLIDAE’ 7am-11:59pm

👋🏼giving tuesday:
bring in a gently used clothing item to donate and receive $10 bucks back for every $50 you spend to use on our valentine's day tour // after polling YOU, we’ve decided to donate to the Humble Lily supporting the Bethlehem House in support of women who are in crisis. 

➕support local. support omaha. shop small.➕

holiday gift guide #1

Hello Ruby

we know, we know -- it's not even thanksgiving yet, but we're gosh dang ready for christmas. we love it all: the music, decor, cozy sweaters, fun little gifts and the all around M E R R Y spirit around town. ok scrooges that say "not until after thanksgiving" --- pass over this post mmmmmmmk. 

we're sharing our top gift ideas {let's be honest, we keep getting more merch in and we'll add a second guide} // these are our favs rn. what goods are you hoping for this year? besides world peace.

light pink cc beanie $14 {found here}

light pink cc beanie $14 {found here}

wifi or die, amiright? $49 vegan leather purse/clutch {found here}

wifi or die, amiright? $49 vegan leather purse/clutch {found here}

all the right studs // burgundy stud booties $58 {found here}

all the right studs // burgundy stud booties $58 {found here}

single bells wine glass // all the single ladies {found here}

single bells wine glass // all the single ladies {found here}

who doesn't love a sweater? pink criss cross sweater {found here}

who doesn't love a sweater? pink criss cross sweater {found here}

traveling pop-up {without the truck}

Hello Ruby

HELLO everyone!

We have been a little MIA on social media with our insta-stories and snapchat {if you don't follow us: insta + snapchat} WOW, we are so sorry about that. I'm sure you totally missed us and wondered if we were okay and probably asked some people about it, right? The good news is we are all good over in the hood.

The past couple weekends, we traveled to Des Moines* and KC for holiday marts.  We had a little road trip pop-up tour with our BFF Katie of Little Mango >> show her some love: here. It was a super fun experience but let me tell you, I MISSED THE TRUCK. I forgot how goshdarn *hashtag blessed* that I am with the truck. I miss that bad girl while she's in storage. 

Let me tell you about it. We packed up OUR LIVES. AKA sweaters, jeans, tops, Christmas apparel and all the goods into tubs on tubs on tubs on tubs {literally we had 9 rolling tubs}, clothing racks, bags, hangers, tables, mirrors, accessories, chalkboard signs, our bags and we GTFO of town. Katie rented a U-haul and we headed on our way in her huge ass SUV. We took at least 20 loads from car to inside convention center back and forth. There were tears shed. Not really, but I broke a nail and had weird scratches all over me. I think people thought I had cats?

Anywho, we were like "we'll go set up and then head to Ikea" --- WRONG LOLZ. It took us so long to set-up the first night we got there. That's when I started missing the truck. With the truck all I do is pull up, set up a few things and I am ready for biz. We were in both cities for 4-5 days and had long 9a-9p days. Then we would eat like crap and head to the hotel. Haha. It's so fun meeting new customers and sharing hello ruby with them. How we started in a truck, followed by a storefront pop-up and now a traveling pop-up. It's so exciting to see the progress of hello ruby the first year!

Katie and I talked so much about future plans for our businesses. It's amazing to bounce ideas off each other and have a friend that understands what you do and has the same struggles, problems, successes, etc. So stay tuned for future plans and GO PLAY TODAY + ALWAYS!

PS: Ruby missed me.

PPS: The truck will be coming out of hibernation EARLY spring and it's a bit dependent on weather. Just FYI keep following for updates!

PPPS: Holiday Lookbook dropping next week as well as Christmas Specials for Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday + Giving Tuesday.

PPPS: Thanks to everyone who helped hello ruby storefront while I was away. Did the mice play?????



*I didn't do so hot in Des Moines, but I think it's karma because I talked crap on Iowa drivers. So, I may try and be nice again.

like sweet treats?????? 31% off sweet enough for ya?????

Hello Ruby

celebrate one of the best days of the year with

hello ruby | a mobile BOOtique

stop in on halloween {tuesday, the 31st} in your halloween best to receive 31% off of one {1} item // it doesn't just have to be you; bring your friend, dog, kid or a homeless person off the street. we don't mind.

besides the discount sweet treat, you also can get REAL LIVE SWEET TREATS ALL DAY // candy galore to make even the best diet spooked out.

when: tuesday, oct 31: 10-5*

*tuesday {halloween} hours have been cut short so our staff can drink << I mean, celebrate with their families

new cozy sweaters for fall and black denim has us meowing over here {can you guess what we'll be dressed as?}

*in-store purchases only and doesn't apply to past purchases

if you can't make it, stop in ANY DAY of the week:

monday {10-6}

tuesday + wednesday + thursday {10-7}

friday + saturday {10-6}

sunday {12-4}

hello ruby storefront

Hello Ruby

we have some e x c i t i n g news to share.

these nebraska winters and unpredictable weather are weird, amiright? it's still like 90 degrees and the end of september. w t f.

we are keeping our mobile concept, but putting the #truck in park, and saying #hello to hello ruby storefront. told you it was e x c i t i n g. for the months of october, november and december, you can come see us regularly for a fall-iday pop-up in aksarben! same concept, different venue. 

open 7 days a week from october 13 - december 30 | 2283 south 67th street

grand opening weekend:

friday + saturday, october 13 + 14 {10-6}

sunday, october 15 {10-4}

holiday season hours:

monday {10-6}

tuesday + wednesday + thursday {10-7}

friday + saturday {10-6}

sunday {12-4}

meet my sisters

Hello Ruby

Meet my sisters, Sarah and Kim. One is a genius, the other's insane. Wait no that's Pinky and the Brain. 

ANYWHO. Both of my sisters are uniquely amazing and different, both in life and when it comes to their wardrobe.

Sarah would describe her style as out of the box. "I'll throw together a skirt and sweatshirt with ankle boots just for fun. I'll die over a great graphic T and I describe my style as edgy."

Kim on the other hand, leans towards as trendy as possible. "I like to feel confident with what I'm wearing and always want to be sporting the latest and greatest. I'm always splurging on jeans, heels and a high end bag. I love to mix and match versatile pieces to make my fashion choices stand out." Kim looks to Blake Lively and the 'other' KIM K. {Kim Kardashian} PS If you didn't know that Kim K is Kim Kardashian, then BYE. I joke. 

My sisters and I did a photo-shoot downtown to share new items that hello ruby got in for fall. A lot of the basic blouses and tops with a bit of flare {or ruffle} that will make you stand out. The shoot consisted of us yelling and screaming at each other as well as saying nice things sometimes and telling each other we love them. That's the basics when it comes to sisterhood, isn't it?

Have any questions for them? ASK!

Sarah is wearing our gull grey blouse here and Kim is wearing our floral print blouse here.



awaiting new arrivals // free shipping

Hello Ruby

july 11 // I ordered cute shit and I am still waiting for it! You can relate, right?

ohmigosh I can't wait to show you new items we are going to be receiving this week for our next event and online, too! We had to cancel our event tonight unfortunately due to the high temps and humidity {it was the patio pup crawl}. I was excited to pet all the dogs DANGIT!

Anywho, I wanted to give you a sneak peek at our lovely items that are in the mail rn. THEY REALLY ARE I SWEAR. It's not like that time your friend had a b-day and you forgot.

I have been wanting overalls for like a whole year now. Off and on I've thought about my ideal pair AND BYE GEORGE I think I found them. BLUSH + COURDS+ SKORT. Stop it, I know I am drooling as I write this. You'll have to wait to see this pair because they sold out so fast on the manufacturer's website that they took them down. BUT, we are confirmed for a pack so major goals.

Also, pink and distressed is something I can't say no to. AND icing on this cake > the top says 'brat' - I don't think I am a brat, but I **have been known to be** materialistic. So I said it. So what. I love clothes and shoes and everything to do with clothes and shoes. You likey?

Our next event is at Midtown Crossing for Jazz on the Green! The fashion truck will be there with all sorts of goodies xx new tops, rompers, dresses, all that jazz! See what I did there? 

PS: we are headed on VACAY this week. I feel bad about it, so wanted to leave you with a FREE SHIPPING code 'VACAY' so it's on us! K BYE

go play | our fav. saying explained

Hello Ruby

HAYY! I have been wanting to blog on my website for some time and this just seems to be a good reason! Today // June 28.

Today is the day that my mom passed away 17 years ago. It's a very personal thing, but something I want to share with you, because there's so much meaning to hello ruby and the start of this fashion truck + experience. Still to this day, her legacy continues to impact me in everything I do.

So let me back up and tell you about my mom. She was funny, inspirational and a survivor. She always let us play before getting our chores done. She gave to others. She shared her story of breast cancer with many. She was a volunteer, and fought for what she believed in {including heading to DC to fight for pre-existing conditions to be covered on insurance}. She was an artist and author {with the help of my amazing dad who finished her book when she passed}.

So last year, my family and I were on vacation. The reason we were on that vacation, was because a local clinic wanted to purchase artwork of Omaha area landmarks. My husband worked there and asked if they had heard of Sue Kocsis' Artwork. In fact her name had already come up and my husband connected the clinic with my mom's artwork that my family had. This resulted in a sale and with that, my family decided to take a trip all together to celebrate life and our mom's legacy to Lake Okoboji.

So off we went. Okoboji for a little family vacay. We did all the touristy things and of course, we shopped. We stumbled upon an RV that was rebuilt like a boutique, GENIUS. 

This is where Omaha's first fashion truck, hello ruby, was born. Because my mom's artwork and legacy led us to Okoboji and led me to find what I wanted to do with my life!

GO PLAY. My mom always used to say "You only have one life, go out and play." My family and I take this serious. :) Because life is short, and you never know what it'll bring you. So today, I encourage you to go play, gorgeous. Because today is that day you should! Go Play is printed on the truck {2x} and all over my social media. It's mostly in my heart, though!

To check out more of my mom's legacy, take a look below. Do you think we look alike?!

"The long uphill climb... the tremendous view from the top." - Sue Kocsis


College World Series

Breast Cancer Reconstruction

About Her Book