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meet my sisters


meet my sisters

Hello Ruby

Meet my sisters, Sarah and Kim. One is a genius, the other's insane. Wait no that's Pinky and the Brain. 

ANYWHO. Both of my sisters are uniquely amazing and different, both in life and when it comes to their wardrobe.

Sarah would describe her style as out of the box. "I'll throw together a skirt and sweatshirt with ankle boots just for fun. I'll die over a great graphic T and I describe my style as edgy."

Kim on the other hand, leans towards as trendy as possible. "I like to feel confident with what I'm wearing and always want to be sporting the latest and greatest. I'm always splurging on jeans, heels and a high end bag. I love to mix and match versatile pieces to make my fashion choices stand out." Kim looks to Blake Lively and the 'other' KIM K. {Kim Kardashian} PS If you didn't know that Kim K is Kim Kardashian, then BYE. I joke. 

My sisters and I did a photo-shoot downtown to share new items that hello ruby got in for fall. A lot of the basic blouses and tops with a bit of flare {or ruffle} that will make you stand out. The shoot consisted of us yelling and screaming at each other as well as saying nice things sometimes and telling each other we love them. That's the basics when it comes to sisterhood, isn't it?

Have any questions for them? ASK!

Sarah is wearing our gull grey blouse here and Kim is wearing our floral print blouse here.